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kappawithlime's Journal

Kappa with Lime: the culinary art of feudal Japan
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Is, as the title suggests, a chronicle of the adventures of Kaya Fuyuuinnenbippu, the son of both his mother and his father.

Who are innkeepers.

One day, an aging, former samurai rents a room, drinks a lot of alcohol, and things are great, until Kakyuu Tokusei, the antagonist by trade and conniving bum by description, shows up.

With a map.

That is to say, it's like Treasure Island. But with Japan.

The writers behind this are, as the title suggests, gamera and droston.

And you probably thought it was Saiyuki porn.

The Setting: Feudal Japan at its most feudal--not only do samurai run rampant across the country, but they do so with various elements of mundane fantasy.

The Characters Thus Far:

Kaya Fuyuuinnenbippu: meaning that his name is Fuyuuinnenbippu and surname Kaya. His parents, innkeepers, consider him predestined for extraordinary social greatness, not through any particular talent of his, but because they (his mother, specifically) enjoy nothing more than a bit of hobnobbing. Fuyuuinnenbippu thinks, with a great quantity of evidencial justification, that they are quite insane. However, he lacks their grand ambition. His fondest fantasy is sneaking out in the middle of the night to seek employment next door.

Kaya Asa: Fuyuuinnenbippu's mother dearest. Her skills include fawning over people with money, telling Fuyuuinnenbippu to wash things, and telling him how rich he is going to be.

Kiyoshi: this is an older man with a mysterious trunk, and an equally mysterious katana.

The Inn: is little more than a plot device.